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Recent weeks have seen me thinking more positively than ever before, I feel my blog should be more informative and personalized so will being slightly more on happiness and feeling good about yo selfs.  So bare with me,the next couple of weeks as my blog has a little construction work done, it will all be for the best!  Below is an appropriate piccy of me being super happy 😉

beth xx

Finally here being the Brit I am posing by a giant Car!

Blogger awards!

Thanks to a very special friend Poppy, (ToldbyPoppy) I have been nominated by her in the blogger award contest. I am going to answer the 11 questions then nominate 11 more blogs I love and let the cycle continue. Helping small time bloggers out!

Here are the questions:

Tell me two weird facts about yourself: I am an IVF child and Twin, I am also the same height as Kourtney Kardashian 5ft1.

Why did you start blogging?

I started because I always wanted to and actually it was Poppy who showed me the magic of WordPress and has been helping me out ever since. A lot of love there.
What are your main goals/aspirations for 2016?

My main goals are to ensure I obtain an internship in the USA, ensure my fitness goals are reached aka to be happy healthy and stronger than ever. Try more adventures then ever before.
Are you more of a cat or dog person, and why?

I have had a cat and I have dogs, for me I am more a dog person. I find them more human-like and full of energy, my dogs are very odd but I know them inside out and love them.
What could you not live without?

I could not live without my phone, and not to look at Snapchat but to call my mum,dad and brother every day from uni! However, I do love Instagram 😉
If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take, and why? Ipod- I can’t live without music, Chocolate- gotta keep spirits high, Pen knife- could come in handy?
How would you define yourself?

Outgoing, driven and obsessive.
What would you order if you had a Chinese takeaway?

Easy, chicken balls, honey chilli chicken, chips, rice, prawn toast and a bottle of fanta.
Do you prefer to give or receive, and why?

Give, love the thought of a gift and the look on someone’s face when they love it, like when me and poppy saw Lady Gaga for the first time, by far one of the best gifts!

What is your favourite type of weather?

I am a sucker for winter but love hot, the summer the dresses and shorts and sunglasses are my fav!
Where is your next travel destination to0?

My next destination is currently unknown wherever my internship takes me, praying somewhere in the USA!

So that’s it all, here are the next set of bloggers I am nominating! I do not even have 11 yet so just nominating a couple! your next set of questions are as follows! Have fun! happy blogging xxx

  1. What do you love most about blogging?
  2. What’s your ideal type of weather?
  3. What were your new years resolutions?
  4. have you kept them up?
  5. define yourself in 3 words?
  6. favourite album?
  7. Chinese or Indian takeout
  8. dream holiday?
  9. Have any pets and what?
  10. Your favourite day/memory so far!

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Working 9-5

Afternoon all, very random post but fancied a post on some of the makeup products I used over the weekend some for work and others were used to create my casual Sunday Brunch look. I will give detailed reviews to follow of each but the lighting was in my favour which led to a few too many selfies.

First off was my work outfit, for work you have to look your best, so spending a good hour on my makeup which I actually love taking my time with.


This is one of my work outfits, My Asos Skort which was a gift from my mum. Paired with my Tesco high heel open toe boots and a New Look black crop top; it’s classy but still has that fun flirty edge you need working on a Saturday especially on Match day.


My makeup look was simple, I am currently obsessed with the Sephora Matte lipsticks and this pink/nude colour is my love and life. Lasts literally all day I ate and drank my lunch and dinner with it on, does not move. Also for those drawing your lips over lined like me and Kylie Jenner, it makes the connection from fake to real lip seamless. My face makeup was the Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour kit, followed by Mac Prolong wear in NW15 and two faced honey bronze on top. Eye makeup was again Anastasia Beverley Hills the colours Taupe and Vanilla from the Maya Mia palette. Eyeliner and mascara are both drugstore, the collection 2000 liquid liner and kate moss mascara.


Here is a closer look at the lipstick, matte but not super drying.

So that was my work look of the week, If you would like to see how I recreated step by step then let me know!

Lots of Love

Elizabeth xxx



Day 2 Orlando- Universal studios

Good Morning everyone, sorry this post is super late. Very naughty of me but living in my pj’s and revising took over my life. Anyway here is to one of my favourite parks in Orlando, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, this is part one of our trip there as the park is split into two we did it in two days. Again regimented we were up early and hit the parks for 9:00 am, upon arrival myself and my brother led the group and ran straight to Harry Potter world Hogsmeade.  The first ride, of course, being the Harry Potter simulator, the forbidden journey. To be honest no words can describe how great this ride is if you grew up with harry potter as I did; it’s as if all your dreams came true. You’re in the movies playing Quidditch and getting stuck in the weeping willow tree. I don’t want to spoil for those going, but do some training and run for this ride before the wait time gets ridiculous, it’s totally worth it.


We then moved on to the big one Dragon Challenge, for anybody that knows me knows I never did rides even going to the parks every two years I would sit and wait, but now I have such a different attitude toward life and going and just trying new adventures and pushing myself. So dragon challenge walked straight on did it loved it and so it went on every ride that day; except the giant red rockin rollercoaster that’s still a big challenge for me. To be completed when I hopefully return soon. IMG_0284

We then moved on to my Mums favourite part, Jurrasic park. She loves dinosaurs so we went on this ride at least 3 times. It’s a great water ride but I really hope they create a simulator based on the new movie.Universal simulators are ranked the highest and a ride from the Jurassic world movie would be beyond insane.


The next part of the day saw me eat my weight in a large churro and go to Dr.Seuss land, mainly to go watch Grinchmas which is a must, only to be seen when you go as not photos to spoil the magic. The ride there are for under 10 years old really but that didn’t stop me or my brother. We rode one fish two fish, got silly with Cat in the Hat, met the Grinch then out of nowhere my brother was chosen as holiday cheermeister. The great thing about universal is how it brings the movies you love to life, my brother being chosen was a memory I will never forget and although some find it silly I love the magic the characters can bring to life. It’s a whole different kind of fantasy holiday, one not to be missed.


After all of this, we then followed down to Toon town, where we did popeyes water rapids ride I was soaked beyond belief. I have never laughed so much in my life on that ride and walking around the park soaking afterwards was worth it, although I did cheat and buy some leggings, a quick outfit change and then off to explore more. Visiting marvel world, upset the Hulk ride has gone but still managed transformers on the way and spider man, then  a meet and greet with storm and captain America.   On this trip my brother and I took the philosophy to act like big kids, although 19 years old we acted like 12-year-olds and it was the best way.



Here is a lovely picture of my “bae” the grinch to finish off, we rode the train from Hogsmeade to Kings cross yet another amazing experience as it’s also a ride. To then depart into the other park, the to be explored the next day.

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking through my holiday pictures and please like and share.

Lots of Love

Elizabeth xxx



Day 1 Orlando

So as promised here is a round up of day one, bright and early mum got us all up as on her excel spreadsheet it was the day of sea world and target shopping, so off we went. Sea world recently has been in the media constantly, however having gone there since five years old I wasn’t going to stop,  I am a firm believer to the fact there are always two sides to every story. Blackfish have their point as well I do firmly believe the animals here need more room, so adjustment is needed and admire the new conservation efforts sea world are trying to make and change.  And just because you go to sea world doesn’t make mean you support animal abuse but quite the opposite as Sea world over the past ten years has rescued and rehabilitated over 25000 animals many rescues requested by the government. But this article is not on the sea world issue, so getting on to the fun of the theme park and outfit choices for the hot 80 degrees!


Outfit- Jeans are Next, shoes Nike air max (office) top is Boohoo and my Ears Ebay.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the lovely staff, grabbed our maps although we have been so often a map was not needed. The first ride we faced was Manta, fun fact about me up until now I was terrified of rides, but that’s another funny story. However I decided to do a Drake (Yolo) and hop onto Manta, that ride where you end up lying on your back looking up at the sky pretending to be a sting ray.  The Ride was fast, exhilarating and an experience I will never forget by far the best ride I have ever been on, the way it’s done means you view the park from a unique angle and height. If you only do one ride there, make it Manta.

Then it was time for the famous dolphin show, followed by the sea lion show and to finish off Shamu. The dolphin show is one of my favourites. However, it also is an excellent chance to learn about conservation, as the team brought out some newly saved species. The whales mixed with a dolphin were rescued and are being rehabilitated at sea world, this not only got to show people some of the good sea world do it was also an animal I had never seen before.  The dolphin show took place and was as magical as ever, with the inspiring music and magic of the dolphins and beautiful birds; it was as enchanting as I remember. Next stop the hilarious sea lion show and walrus show,  the walrus that I would later get to meet. Sea world changes up their shows, so the new setting was no longer a pirate theme but high school, as cheesy as ever with even more charm; highly entertaining and a must. Finally, the show I have watched since I was five years old, the one that originally inspired my love of sea creatures and became my childhood goal to become a marine biologist. The Shamu show, again slightly different but still based on the believe story line.


Joshua, my brother posing with the polar bear.

The show was filled with talks about conservation and the love the trainers have for all animals including Shamu. The show is so enjoyable because it’s a display of such wonderful creatures whilst educating, without Sea world I would never have learnt about killer whales and their research is vital.

By then it was time for lunch, we ate at the grill next to the sky tower the small restaurant where I treated myself to mac n cheese an American favourite of mine along with a salad. Then up in the sky tower to view the whole park, followed by feeding of the sea lions and a penguin experience but I will do an entire blog post on my penguin experience, which was just incredible getting to pet a penguin.

With the penguins!!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, any requests please let me know and hope you enjoyed this post.

Lots of Love

Elizabeth xx




The Land of dreams…part 1

So my loves have been away a long time but that’s with all the university coursework alongside actual work, then the holiday I have been dreaming and anticipating the whole year. My family holiday to Orlando Florida, Orlando is one of my favourite places to visit as is anywhere in the states, I love America how friendly everyone is the massive personalities and massive plates of food; it’s all just one big dream come true. I have been extremely fortunate to travel to Orlando before and am still at the age of 19 as obsessed with wearing my Minnie mouse ears and skipping down Main street USA. Anyway to the point, this is an introduction to my all-American series. Starting with day one, I will do posts on everywhere I went, What I wore and what I ate, everything you need to know before jet setting off yourselves and exploring the magic that is Orlando Florida.

The pose before the long journey to London
The last stop drinks before the flight, with dad!
Finally here being the Brit I am posing by a giant Car!

90s baby

So recently the 90’s have made a huge comeback not only in fashion but as a whole party theme, My friends Veronica took advantage of this theme and decided to throw a 90’s house party the style went from fresh prince of bel air 90s kid to Clueless Cher. It was insane, but my favourite part had to be the style, I love the 90’s the overdrawn purple lips and space buns being a personal favourite. This post will be mainly about where to get your own 90’s fashion and how easy the theme is to recreate. As you can see below everything were items we already had, to be honest on a student budget it has to be. The favourite places being H&M or charity shops, the styles were mixed, but everyone made a superb effort. Let me know if you would like more posts on how to do affordable fashion and themes. Love Beth xxx


Myself and Cher 😉 black dress from Topshop £12.00, White Shirt-Mango £20
Myself- Dress h&m £12.99, shoes Kurt Geiger £35.00
Milly-dress charity shop, Necklace- Newlook £5.99
Veronica- Pink Top-Versace vintage- charity shop, Dungaree-charity shop
Jake- Shirt charity shop £5.00 white t-shirt Primark £3.00 and my coat Next £40.00